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Thanks for clicking onto our website for help with the issues that you are facing with your child or adolescent.

You are here because you are looking for someone skilled to help you through the challenges you are facing. You’ve taken the first step towards helping your child and family achieve a better life.

With extensive professional experience, our child and adolescent practitioners, are skilled at helping your child with a range of emotional, behavioural or developmental issues.

We also have a skilled psychologist Rebecca who has extensive experience in primary and high school settings and is available to conduct psychoeducational assessments to better understand your child’s learning needs and to help your child reach their full potential. 

Our psychologists and therapists have successfully helped many children and adolescents, including babies, so we know that whatever challenges your child is struggling with, one of our psychologists can help.

Our child psychologists and therapists all relate to children exceptionally well and this consistently helps them achieve positive outcomes.

Our bright, private consulting rooms are child friendly with a range of fun therapeutic and educational toys to help your child feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

Given our experience as family therapists, each psychologist or therapist has the ability to work with the parents or entire family as appropriate to achieve the change that is needed.

The psychologists or therapists will give your child a safe place to have their voice heard and understood while helping you as parents to understand how to effectively support and enhance the development of your child with practical strategies.

Give your child the best chance of achieving at school, making friends and becoming a confident and secure child.

If your child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, we are a specialist provider on the Early Intervention panel providing early intervention, behavioural therapy and family therapy to families accessing funding through the Helping Children with Autism initiative.

No matter what your child is dealing with, we are skilled and experienced to deal with the issues, giving support to the whole family when needed.

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We pride ourselves on doing all we can to make our service accessible knowing that your child deserves access to a skilled psychologist or therapist quickly to get the process started so that you can help make things better as soon as possible. Currently we have appointments available within 1-2 weeks.

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