Marte Meo®

Marte MeoLiz Kernahan, Clinical Psychologist at Attuned Psychology, Adelaide, South Australia is one of a handful of practicing Marte Meo® practitioners and therapists in Adelaide.

Marte Meo® is a specialist therapeutic program from Holland which focuses on assisting clients of all ages to find strength from within to develop to their unique potential.  Marte Meo® is particularly beneficial for improving the quality of relationships between infants/children and their parents and treating the effects of post natal depression.   Using “one’s own strength” Marte Meo® offers carers or parents a sensible step by step approach.

Marte Meo®  Utilises interactive learning tools to support development of children with:

  • Learning
  • Emotional
  • Behavioural difficulties

Behaviours such as non compliance, fussy eating, poor sleeping, and aggression carry a developmental message, understanding this message is important because it tells clinicians and parents what a child needs to learn for their personal development.

Marte Meo® relies on understanding through “seeing” and looks at what the child can do, and where the child needs extra support in their personal development.

One of the most beneficial outcomes of Marte Meo® is that it strengthens the relationship between the child and parents, and we know that a good relationship with parents is a protective factor for children and adolescents.

If you are interested in understanding more about Marte Meo and the benefits of this approach for a range of issues, please feel free to contact our practice for more information about the process, costs and benefits.

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