Alexandra Frost, Director welcomes Ashleigh Stodden to the Attuned Psychology team

Our future together: Attuned Psychology Adelaide PsychologistsAttuned Psychology has been through an exciting phase of ongoing recruitment over the past 6 months as our practice and community continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate with the addition of two new team members Rachael Elliott and Ashleigh Stodden

As the Director, I believe that every new psychologist we welcome to Attuned brings a unique set of skills, insights and experience that adds to the diversity within the team and ultimately benefits all of you in our extended community.  Every psychologist is chosen by me with great care and consideration to ensure a fit with the values and therapeutic approach that Attuned stands for, to compliment the current team.

Each psychologist we bring in to the team must have a high level of training, skills and experience and certain personal qualities that ensures a positive Attuned experience for all of you, our valued clients and extended community.  Being a psychologist and working with all of you is an important privilege and choosing the right people an important responsibility. As a Director who values autonomy, collaboration, passion and respects difference and diversity, I am proud of the strong team that has evolved over time and feel immense gratitude to be surrounded by the colleagues that work with me.

Today, given it is Ashleigh’s first week with us at Attuned Psychology, it seemed fitting to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce Ashleigh Stodden, Psychologist who will be working with all ages, providing services during business hours, some evenings and Saturdays. Over the next few months Ashleigh looks forward to building her practice from part time to full time ensuring improved accessibility for all clients. Watch out for further introductions to other new team members such as Rachael Elliott and Dr Angela Crettenden in future blogs.

Ashleigh Stodden

We are excited to offer a warm welcome to Ashleigh who we believe will fit into our skilled team of practitioners very well, bringing her warmth and compassion, commitment to quality client care and evidence based practice to the team at Attuned Psychology.

Ashleigh completed her undergraduate and post graduate training in Clinical Psychology in Townsville, Queensland and has only just arrived in Adelaide this month to settle in prior to starting at Attuned Psychology this week.

Ashleigh, like all of our practitioners at Attuned, has a clear passion for working as a psychologist and believes in honouring every client’s strengths while providing a supportive space for each person to explore issues and facilitate change. With post graduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology completed in Townsville, Queensland and skills gathered through experience in rural, regional and metropolitan settings, Ashleigh has a passion in supporting children, adolescents, adults, families to overcome a broad range of challenges.

Ashleigh is attracted to working in our practice due to Attuned Psychology’s commitment to working with a diverse range of clients across the lifespan with a very broad range of presenting issues. Ashleigh looks forward to continuing and building on her previous work with adult and adolescent clients presenting with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, work/life balance issues, adapting to chronic illness, body image and eating issues, alcohol issues. She also looks forward to building on her skills in working with children with learning, developmental, behavioural and emotional issues.

She is excited to join a practice that takes pride in providing quality outcome focused therapy in a safe and comfortable environment, with a diverse team of psychologists that are attuned to the client’s needs and believe in the importance of collaboration and collegial support.

Having worked in hospital, public health research and education sectors, she has not only strong therapeutic skills but draws on her academic and research accomplishments to inform her practice. This ensures that she brings the latest evidence based approach to her work, giving her clients reassurance that she will do all she can to help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

She has authored several academic publications and has been chosen to present her recent important research in suicide prevention in youth at a conference in Queensland later this year. She has most recently been in a clinical consultative role to schools in Townsville to ensure a coordinated multidisciplinary response to dealing with the prevention of youth suicide and deliver effective crisis intervention. Ashleigh is also skilled in providing professional presentations and facilitating group therapy. We are excited that Ashleigh brings this specific knowledge base and commitment to suicide prevention to Attuned, at a time where this issue is so critical and urgent in our society.

Our practitioners are here to help you bring harmony and balance to your days, and help you open pathways to a more meaningful life.

If you feel like Ashleigh, or one of our other Attuned practitioners, might be able to help you or your loved ones make a life change or find more fulfillment in your life, please call us on 08 8361 7008 or click here to complete the online enquiry form.

Alexandra Frost

Director/Clinical Psychologist

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