Attuned Psychology is now using iPads for Assessments

We are very excited here at Attuned Psychology as we have just recently upgraded all of our assessment tools to a new electronic system called Q-interactive.

Q-interactive is an iPad application that allows clinicians to choose, administer and score clinical assessments via two tablets connected by Bluetooth.

This means cognitive and academic testing at Attuned Psychology can be conducted using iPads, for children aged 6 years and above. This is great news for a number of reasons:

This system is highly engaging to use. What kid doesn’t love to use an electronic tablet? This can engage and motivate children who might otherwise be reluctant to participate in an assessment.

It can take some of the ‘test anxiety’ out of testing. Sometimes pencil & paper tasks can be daunting. Some of the academic tasks in an educational assessment here at Attuned Psychology are still in the traditional format as this is how children will be doing them at school, so it’s the most comparable method of assessing their skills. However, this is interspersed with tasks on the iPad, which makes for some variety in the assessment process.

We will be able to assess adults. We now have access to tests suitable for older teenagers as well as adults, so we are able to assess for learning difficulties or gifted abilities in those groups now too.

You get immediate results! Scoring on this system is automatic so you are able to get access to some basic results on the day of the assessment. While we always and will continue to provide assessment reports within a reasonably short timeframe, it can still be somewhat stressful waiting for results. Ths new system means that you can get some immediate feedback about your child’s learning needs and still get the detailed report and consultation to explain all outcomes.

It is exciting! These are the newest technologies and advancements in the field of psychoeducational assessment, which is really exciting to be a part of.

Please contact us to find out more about assessments for giftedness or learning difficulties for children, teenagers or adults.

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