Full marks to our teachers – and a little homework for us all

October 5th is World Teachers Day, and should be marked in our calendars as an important day for our children.

In fact I would encourage any parent reading this to take a little time on October 5th to support your child’s teachers and show them your appreciation by saying thanks – I am sure they will appreciate hearing it!

My passion for this topic comes from many years spent in schools working with and beside teachers where I saw first hand how they are some of the hardest working people I know.

We should all be working with our teachers

I often hear “why do teachers get so many holidays?” – but trust me, they earn them!

Education in this day and age is very different to what it used to be, and teachers often have to be and do a bit of everything, not just teach the content of a maths or history textbook.

In the age of email and smartphones, teachers are expected to be contactable just about any time of the day. Add to that the preparation of lessons, marking, parent-teacher interviews, yard duties and countless other tasks, teachers are working extremely hard for our children’s education.

Thanks to our movement towards social inclusion, an average classroom will feature students with a diverse range of educational needs and abilities, with a variety of disabilities, mental health issues, learning styles, gifts and talents, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and family situations.

How to help teachers to help us all

Teachers are required more than ever to know and understand each child’s unique needs in order to help them learn and to achieve their very best.

As a psychologist at Attuned, with a background in Educational Psychology,  I am happy and honoured to support the role of teachers in shaping children’s lives.

Using educational, academic and behavioural assessment tools, I can gather a profile of a child’s learning strengths and needs so that the teacher has recommendations to support that child to achieve his or her best at school.

Our whole team of child psychologists can also work collaboratively with schools and families to support children with behavioural, emotional and mental health issues.

Please contact us to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s education.

Author: Rebecca Rossi



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