Poor skills plaguing Aussie businesses

As I was busily writing reports this evening for recent educational assessments I have conducted with school aged children, the television news was on and I noticed an interesting and pertinent story. The story reported on a study that found many workplaces are dealing with a range of problems resulting from literacy and numeracy difficulties in their employees:

The Australian Industry group study found some workers have such poor skills they can’t do simple sums, type on a computer or give clear direction to fellow staff.

The study of 300 businesses found a staggering nine in 10 bosses complain their staff can’t calculate, give directions and prepare work scattered in mistakes, the Herald Sun reports.

Innes Willox, Al Group chief executive, has called for the Turnbull government to address the issue as it is causing a deepening concern for Australian businesses.


Of the 300 businesses in the study, the vast majority reported that their staff were unable to calculate accurately, communicate effectively or complete documentation adequately. A staggering 44 percent of Australians are reported to have literacy proficiency below the minimum standards that what would be expected for an employee to operate effectively at work.

These sorts of news stories highlight the lifelong importance of childhood literacy learning. When children who struggle to achieve reading competency ‘fall through the cracks’ at school, they may go on to have difficulties as adults in finding work and performing effectively at their duties.

While reading remediation is possible at any age, why not make sure that children’s education is providing the best possible foundations for life by giving them strong literacy and numeracy skills? Making sure that your child’s literacy and numeracy learning is on track can be one of the most important things you can do.

If your child is struggling, appropriate assessment and early intervention is key. Please contact us at Attuned Psychology for more information.



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