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As any parent may tell you, children do not come with an instruction manual and each can bring unique joys but also challenges.

At Attuned Psychology in North Adelaide, our child psychologists can help to make sense of the difficulties your child and family are facing, and identify pathways of support.

We are here to help Adelaide families navigate the journey of childhood when they reach out for support to help manage obstacles that may arise along the way.

We take a holistic approach of looking at the family system, and taking into account the range of factors that may be contributing to your family’s unique situation.

In this way, we work to ensure that the therapy we provide is tailored to meet each child and family’s needs.

How a child psychologist can support children and their families

Children, parents and their families can benefit from support from a child psychologist in a range of areas.

The varying specific areas can be contributed to by many factors relevant to the child, parents and family.

Families have commonly sought support for the following situations:

  • Separation Anxiety – Many factors can contribute to you not feeling as close or connected to your child as you may wish. These factors can include the experience of pregnancy and birth, the baby and mother’s temperaments or personalities, and the history and experiences that each parent brings to parenthood. Learn more about separation anxiety and attachment issues therapy here in Adelaide.
  • Tantrums and Emotional issues – Learning to identify and regulate one’s own emotions is a complex skill that children frequently benefit from support with. We are here to offer you support to help your child manage distressing feelings such as sadness, worry and anger. Learn more about our work with children’s emotional issues here in Adelaide.
  • Behavioural issues – Children can often have difficulty learning to follow their parent’s lead or instruction, as well as adjusting to social norms in settings such as kindergarten or school.  Learn more about our work with behavioural issues.
  • Social issues – Children commonly face difficulties in learning to understand and interact cooperatively with siblings or other children. Learn more about how we support children struggling with social issues and support their development in this area.
  • Developmental issues – Parents commonly have queries about whether their child’s development is on track. These queries may be prompted by their child’s developmental milestones (such as walking and talking), emotional or behavioural functioning (as explained above), and social difficulties (as explained above). For some children, assessment or support for an Autism Spectrum Disorder may also be indicated. Learn more about all that we provide for children experiencing developmental issues.
  • Educational issues – Parents often raise concerns regarding their child’s functioning at school. These can include whether their child has developed the skills to manage in the classroom setting, as well as their learning skills. In this arena, our psychologists can also link you with a psychologist experienced in IQ and educational assessments if it appears that an educational assessment may be beneficial.

Evidence-based therapies for your children

Our child psychologists are trained in evidence-based therapies including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), family therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

A child psychologist can support you to better understand your child’s specific needs, and make a developmental diagnosis of the skills they have developed, and the areas in which they may need additional support.

In this way, we are able to help identify concrete and practical strategies for you to better respond to your child’s specific needs, and reactivate their healthy development.

We can also support you to enhance the bond and connectedness between you, your child, and your family.

While child psychology can often exclusively focus on the child, it is of great importance to understand and support their parents.

At Attuned Psychology, we can also help parents to gain insight into the views and experiences they bring to parenthood, and how these may impact the way you understand and interact with your child.

This enhancement of parents’ understanding of themselves as well as their child, can support parents to identify and work towards being the kind of parent they want to be.

Enquire today about Child Psychology in Adelaide for your child. Call us on 08 8361 7008 or email [email protected].

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