Neuropsychological Assessments

When you’ve noticed changes in your behaviour or problems with thinking and remembering, Neuropsychological Assessments can help identify whether these developments are due to brain injury or cognitive impairment.

A Neuropsychological Assessment conducted by our Clinical Neuropsychologist involves some “pencil and paper” tests and some done using an iPad. There are no physical examinations with our Neuropsychological Assessments.

The goal of these assessments at Attuned Psychology is to objectively identify whether areas of your brain are damaged and, if so, map out an effective treatment or management pathway so you can access the support you will need in the future.

While it is common to talk to your GP first, to rule out issues like stress and headaches, and even geriatricians and neurologists who might run standardised tests like Mini Mental, Neuropsychology uses a different set of tests.

Neuropsychological Assessments plot your current brain function performance against a model based on a lot of clinical data. This provides an accurate understanding of the gap between how your brain is performing compared to how it should be performing.

How can Neuropsychological Assessments help?

Neuropsychological Assessments can be useful for:

  • Explaining memory lapses and being unable to concentrate on tasks
  • Planning early for living with Dementia
  • Demonstrating whether your thinking skills are sound to enable you to drive, manage your own legal and financial arrangements
  • Measuring the extent of any thinking problems you are having so you can become eligible for extra assistance or services

For older adults, symptoms that might lead you to seek a neuropsychological assessment include noticing you are beginning to doubt your brain isn’t working as sharply as it used to. This can be linked to fears about dementia and falls. As part of the process, our Clinical Neuropsychologist will also explore whether you have any family or personal history that might predispose you to issues with brain function.

For younger adults, symptoms that might lead you to seek a neuropsychological assessment include fears your memory is performing at abnormally low levels, affecting your education or employment. Often, root causes are discovered through the process, including previous head injuries from sport and even sickness.

Neuropsychological Assessments can help bring clarity to your situation so you can take effective action now and be ready for managing any changes and challenges that lie ahead.

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