Sex Therapy

Sex therapy offers help if you or your partner are experiencing problems with sexuality or intimacy. People of all ages can experience these difficulties, and it can happen at any point of a sexual relationship.

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Sexual problems are not always connected to negative sexual experiences, or relationship problems, as often thought, but can have many other causes.

Sexual problems can consist of low/overactive sexual desire, differences in sexual desire between partners, sexual arousal problems, pain during intercourse, inability to have sex (vaginismus), erection problems or problems with reaching an orgasm (too fast or not existing at all).

All these problems can not only cause serious distress for the person suffering from these problems, but also the partner or the relationship.

How can sex therapy help?

Sex therapy is aimed to help you individually or with your partner talk about your difficulties with sex and to help establish a meaningful and pleasant sexual relationship. The therapy can focus either on the individual or the couple. During these sessions different subjects are addressed like expectations, wishes, desires and communication.

If there is a wish to change the sexual behaviour or relationship, exercises will be given to search for other ways of reaching pleasure in sexual experiences. Attention is also paid to sexual education and communication skills, all with the intention of finding a solution to problems that you are experiencing.

As one of only a small number of Sex Therapists with specialised qualifications in Clinical Sexology within Australia, Naomi Hutchings has extensive experience in helping individuals or couples who experience a wide variety of sexual problems. Naomi also has extensive experience in sexual health education with youth, adults and health professionals. Naomi currently lives in Brisbane, having recently moved from Adelaide, but regularly conducts Skype consultations offering both business hours and after hours appointments.

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