Questions about Educational Assessments? We have it covered!

Many children who make their way to Attuned Psychology for educational assessments are referred because they are having difficulties with their progress at school.

They may appear to be bright and intelligent, but things are just not “clicking” for them like their classmates. They may be taking much longer to complete their homework, which is supposed to take only a few minutes, and it cause them more stress than their peers. They may avoid reading or say they “hate” school. Or they may even be playing up in class and getting into a lot of trouble, effectively avoiding schoolwork.

Teachers usually have a good sense of what’s within the “normal” or average range of achievement for their grade level, so often teachers may suggest an assessment for your child.

Booking in for an educational assessment may sometimes cause worry for parents, but here at Attuned Psychology we try to take the mystery out of the process to reassure you and your child.

I outlined the main components of an educational assessments in a series of blogs last year, which may help to answer some of your questions.

I really believe in the benefits of understanding a child’s individual learning needs and strengths. With this knowledge, you can advocate for and provide the right sort of support that will help your child achieve success.

Please contact our team if you have any other questions about educational assessments.

Rebecca Rossi


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