Couple Therapy

Relationships, like everything worthwhile, require hard work. Sometimes, no matter how strong and loving, no matter how much you try, they can be too challenging for you to work on without help.

Couple therapy may provide a safe, objective forum to assist individuals and couples to improve communication, explore needs, emotions and desires and improve the health and vitality of your relationship.

Our psychologists and therapists have successfully helped many people in relationships of every nature.

Our psychologists and therapists will help you clearly define the issues you are facing and the positive outcomes you wish to achieve, providing you with skillful support and tools to help you develop new skills.

We won’t take sides, tell you what to do or decide on an outcome for you. Whatever form your relationship takes, whether straight, gay, living together or married we will provide an objective, non judgemental sounding board for you to raise your concerns and needs.

If you are faced with any of the following issues, you may benefit from seeing one of our psychologists.

  • Communication breakdown
  • There is unresolved conflict that persists
  • Difficult conversations are avoided
  • There is a loss of loving feelings
  • There is a lack of respect
  • Trust has been broken
  • The relationship is not made a priority
  • Your lives seem to be going in different directions
  • Desire between partners diminishes
  • Expectations have changed
  • There is an imbalance of power
  • One person feels controlled
  • There is abuse in the relationship
  • A buildup of frustration and resentment

If you are faced with the following issues regarding your sexual relationship, you may benefit from a Skype consultation with our experienced Clinical Sexologist, Naomi Hutchings, who has extensive experience and specialised training to help you find a way of improving your sex life. Naomi is skilled in both couple and sex therapy and is able to provide assistance with relationship and sexual concerns.

Some of the common sexual issues that Naomi is able to assist with include:

  • Differences in desire
  • Low sexual arousal
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Communication about sex
  • Fears regarding sex
  • Impact of past trauma on your sexuality

For more detailed information about sex therapy services, click here for more information.

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Our preference is to speak with you because that helps us pair you with the most appropriate psychologist while avoiding a number of emails going back and forth. However, we are happy to communicate with you using either method. And for your convenience, we are here in person after hours until 9pm Monday to Thursday, and on Saturday until 2pm. We look forward to hearing from you.