Welcoming Catherine Cheetham our new Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Neuropsychologist…

Attuned Psychology has continued to expand as a team over the last 6 months to continue the commitment to providing choice, accessible services during both business hours and after hours and a breadth of knowledge and skills that further supports our community.

The growth of Attuned Psychology

For those of you who are not aware of our history, Attuned Psychology started as a practice that mainly provided clinical psychology, family therapy and performance psychology services to adolescents and adults. This initial phase as a sole practitioner reflected my areas of passion and training and personal career direction.

Today I am proud to be the Director of a much broader larger practice offering both therapy and assessment services across the lifespan for individuals, couples, families and performers. We have maintained our commitment to high quality services, working collaboratively with clients, with a team fuelled by a passion for working with people, and commitment to working with others towards the changes they desire.

It is certainly a very different practice than it was in the early days when it consisted of myself and one other part time psychologist. In the last few years we have grown from three practitioners to nine…. It has been a busy time and we are currently recruiting again given current demand for services. Our new website launched recently reflects the breath of what we offer and I am always excited to welcome new team members to add to that.

A new phase … the extension of our services to include neuropsychological assessment

As the Director, I believe that every new psychologist we welcome to Attuned brings new opportunities for growth and learning among the team and Catherine Cheetham is no exception. In fact, given her extensive experience as both a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist Catherine now brings new skills that we have not had in the team previously that will benefit many.

It will also bring us into a new era where as psychologists we are learning more about the brain all the time to inform our work. 20 years ago when I trained we certainly had a more limited understanding of the brain but the development of technology has enabled us to better understand this complex organ and this has further informed our understanding of emotion, behaviour, personality, learning, memory and attention. Catherine’s additional skillset as a Clinical Neuropsychologist will bring opportunities to expand our assessment and clinical services that will benefit many in the community and will also bring new knowledge into the team.

About Catherine Cheetham

Catherine (Cate) has a genuine, warm and engaging style that carefully combines her skills and years of knowledge and brings a depth of analysis, natural humour, positivity and practicality to the process that will be welcomed by many.

Catherine joined in November, initially starting small by commencing with Saturdays given she also works in a senior role in the government sector. Catherine started with clinical therapeutic services, and very quickly expanded into offering educational and neuropsychological assessments and added in a Wednesday night to increase her services. We are very excited to announce that Catherine has enjoyed her entry into private practice so much that she has decided to offer services for a full day on a Wednesday in addition to her Saturday session from 9-2.30pm. This will enable Catherine to expand what she is able to offer and be more able to provide a good balance of therapy, neuropsychological and educational assessments.

Catherine completed her undergraduate and post graduate training in Clinical Psychology at Flinders University and the University of Adelaide over 20 years ago and has worked in the public sector for that period.

Catherine, like all of our practitioners at Attuned, has a clear passion for working as a Clinical psychologist and has a strong belief in identifying and working with the unique strengths of each client. Her therapy focuses on helping clients of all ages to identify practical strategies and tools that draw on personal strengths, to address specific goals in therapy, utilizing evidence based approaches to therapy such as Cognitive Behaviour therapy, mindfulness and Dialetical behaviour therapy concepts. Catherine has extensive experience in working with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

She spent the early years of her career working at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, including the Kingsley Fairbridge Child Development Unit and the Australian Craniofacial unit where she developed knowledge and experience in identifying the nature of learning disorders and developmental delay in addition to working with emotional and behavioural issues.

As her career progressed she was privileged to have experience in working with a range of ages and issues and her interest in neuropsychology led her to attend further training and be supervised for several years so that she could also work and be endorsed as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. She has extensive experience providing psychological interventions for adults, children and the elderly facing the challenges of physical and psychological challenges, diseases and brain injuries .

Her most recent work as a Clinical Neuropsychologist has included the rehabilitation geriatrics and palliative care services at Modbury Hospital, Hampstead Rehabilitation Service, Royal Adelaide Hospital where she provides neuropsychological assessments and rehabilitation advice to people who have experienced a traumatic injury, brain injury, stroke, cancer and dementia.

Catherine is attracted to working in our practice due to Attuned Psychology’s commitment to working with a diverse range of clients across the lifespan and the freedom she has to use all of her clinical and neuropsychological skills which she believes in combination will be of great use to many clients. As a psychologist who has worked extensively in teams with other allied health and medical professionals, she also feels pleased to be joining a group practice with an emphasis on sharing of knowledge and collaboration.

If you feel like Catherine, or one of our other Attuned practitioners, might be able to help you or your loved ones with their mental health or with an assessment, please call us on 08 8361 7008 or click here to complete the online enquiry form.


Alexandra Frost

Director/Clinical Psychologist

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