7 ways to cope with change

Rolling with the inevitable changes of life!

Change brings uncertainty and invites the unknown. Not many of us like uncertainty. In fact, humans are hardwired to dislike it. It’s unsettling.

So what can you do to adjust to change in your life with a sense of calm.


Check in with how you are feeling and be kind to yourself.

Change is hard and you are human. So notice the feelings that are emerging and try not to judge yourself for having an emotional response. It’s normal and reasonable to feel unsettled, sad, fearful, nervous or even angry.

Defer judgement of the change until you’ve experienced it.

Often our anticipation of what’s ahead is far worse than the actual reality. If we expect change to be terrible we limit our ability to cope with it, as we go into the experience in a negative frame of mind.

So allow yourself to live the change, rather than judge it before it has occurred.

Try to consider all the possible consequences of the change, not just your most feared outcome.

Often when we are stressed or anxious we lose the mental flexibility to consider other options or outcomes and this can make us feel particularly overwhelmed and negative.

So if you are worried about a particular change, try writing down all the possible consequences, good and bad. Ask yourself, ‘Is the worst case scenario actually that bad?’ ‘Are there alternate outcomes I haven’t considered?’ This may illuminate some positive things you haven’t considered and give you more confidence as you approach change.

Give yourself time to adjust to change.

Some changes can take many weeks, months or even a year or more to adjust to.

Accept that which you cannot control.

This is a tricky point because humans generally like to feel a sense of control over their lives. But there are limits to our control and acknowledging that can free us up to accept change in a calmer way.

Reframe change as a chance to do things differently

Even uninvited or unexpected change can bring opportunities to view things differently or approach situations in a new way. For example, living through change can often highlight strengths we didn’t know we had or point us in the direction of new goals.

Try to think about change as an opportunity for growth and a chance to alter some worn out old patterns of behaviour.

Ask for help

Change can be difficult and very unsettling. The team at Attuned Psychology are skilled at helping people adjust to change and we are here to support you as you navigate the changes in your life.

Nicole Ferrar

Clinical Psychologist


If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment with Nicole or one of our other therapists, please call our reception staff on 8361 7008.




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