AFL star courageously tackling mental health issues

Wishing all the best for Lance Buddy Franklin as he receives treatment for a mental health illness.

With all the media attention this may be difficult and also highlights how the stigma around mental health is still well and truly present (some truly appalling rumour mongering in blogs that attack Buddy’s character).

What is great to see is the support he has received and how other sporting identities who have also struggled with a mental illness have praised Buddy for taking the time out to get well. Let’s hope the inevitable media attention doesn’t impact on his treatment

Sydney Swans star forward Lance Franklin has been ruled out of his team’s qualifying final with Fremantle at Subiaco on Saturday due to an “ongoing mental health condition”.

Although the Swans did not divulge the exact nature of the problem, former Hawthorn president and founder of Beyond Blue Jeff Kennett, described it as a depressive illness and lauded the Swans and Franklin for making the announcement.

Let’s hope the inevitable media attention doesn’t impact on his treatment.

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