Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide

Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide

With Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide on February 25, 2019, (yes, that’s soon), I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the reasons for moving and the thought process and great care that has gone into selecting our new home.

Many of you reading this will have rich memories of significant conversations and experiences amid the cobblestones and the safe, solid rooms of the historic police station we have occupied for almost 10 years.

I will hold on to some amazing memories in that space including many privileged conversations in therapy, some great laughter and collaborations with colleagues, National Psychology Week mindfulness talks in the courtyard and many more. There are so many memories over almost a decade. How could I ever forget the fascination of children exploring the police cells and the comments from some clients who had visited the building when it was a police station and had memories to share with me? After 10 years it is time to be grateful for these experiences and recognize the need for change, as we look ahead with a sense of excitement about the possibilities that come with a new space.

In the beginning in 2009, we had surplus space with only myself and one other part time psychologist seeing clients. However, after steady growth for a number of years, growth in the last three years has been incredible, becoming a team of 10 practitioners across two sites and opening four evenings a week and Saturdays.

Therefore, the main reason we are moving is very simple. We have outgrown our beloved premises in Archer Street.

The cameraderie of our practitioners, and their diligence, has attracted a growing group of appreciative clients who have been recommending our services to friends and family, along with a network of GPs and specialists who have been entrusting their patients with the work of the Attuned Psychology team.

This means we face an internal juggling act to have the right rooms available to suit the needs of our various practitioners and their particular clients.

We thought extending our hours would have relieved some of this congestion but it has attracted more clients wanting to see us.

So, to maintain the momentum from 2018 in which we have reduced waiting times, the decision was made to find new premises into which we can grow.

Not so fast, there’s more to Attuned Psychology than consulting rooms

For many businesses, moving premises comes down to mathematics; can they afford it, will they fit as they grow.

But Attuned Psychology is VERY different.

We have worked hard to create a safe, comfortable place in which we can facilitate change for you and other clients.

We also strive to create a non-clinical, welcoming atmosphere, and we believe the building at 278 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, was the one that ticked all these important boxes.

Firstly, it is an old, Victorian-style home, with large rooms and high ceilings. The exterior of its character says “safety” and “stability”, and the generous, spaciousness of its interior invites visitors to breathe and relax with the bustle of North Adelaide left behind them.

Secondly, its position in North Adelaide, just a hefty stone’s throw from the Women and Children’s Hospital precinct, means it is a family location for many South Australian families, while maintaining our links to North Adelaide.

Thirdly, for the first time, we can now offer discreet, easy-to-access, off street parking and choice of entry behind our premises. The lack of such parking in Archer Street has sometimes caused anxiety and concern for clients (and practitioners), so we are thrilled to add this to the Attuned Psychology experience. If you value privacy and confidentiality, you can park at the back of the building with the option of entering or leaving the building via the back entrance.

And, finally, after we create the initial environment, we will be seeking your feedback as you engage with us in these rooms, so we can hear your ideas for further changes and enhancements as we create a safe and transformative space.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that, behind-the-scenes, we have had fun choosing some new furniture for some additional rooms while giving our new, improved coffee machine a good run for its money.

More access to psychologists, a Neuropsychologist, and our reception team

The first tangible sign of what our new home will mean to us is that our Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist, Catherine Cheetham, will be inceasing her hours as we move.

From February 18, Catherine, or Cate as she is known, will be able to increase her hours from 1.5 days per week to four. So, immediately upon our move, you will be able to arrange appointments with Cate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (1pm-9pm), and Saturdays.


Given her extensive clinical psychology and neuropsychology experience, she will be offering multiple services for clients including tailored IQ and educational assessments, along with Neuropsychological Assessments and therapy for many clinical issues.

She will be offering several services to increase the options for clients needing assessments, both IQ and Educational Assessments, along with Neuropsychological Assessments. These extra services will be in addition to her work as a Clinical Psychologist offering therapy to our clients.

Cate is looking forward to this new arrangement and it will bring her many years of experience in the government sector to our private practice. Her positive energy, warmth, genuine concern for clients and sense of humour has made her a fabulous asset to the team and we are excited to have her on board.

While you’re here, consider reading her excellent blog article on change, where she gives a personal insight into the change process that she is about to embark on and the challenges and excitement that goes with that.

Something else you will see when you come to our new rooms is that we will have welcomed two new receptionists, Hannah and Georgia, who will work with the lovely Sarah, who a client described today as our “little ray of sunshine” who always remembers how you have your tea and coffee, is consistently positive and makes you feel comfortable.

They will be the people who meet you and coordinate your sessions, with our practice manager, Donna, who will be close by in her own office, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street in February 2019

There is nothing for clients to do in the lead up to this move, other than to review our We Are Moving flyers that we have started handing out, so you can take note of our new location and work out your preferred way of coming to us.

On Saturday afternoon, February 23, our Archer Street practice will close and will mark the end of a wonderful era to make way for the next stage of Attuned in Melbourne Street.

Over the weekend, it will be all hands on deck for the Attuned Psychology team as we move our furniture, equipment, and documents to their new home.

On Monday morning, February 25, Attuned Psychology will open at 278 Melbourne Street North Adelaide.

Our phone number, fax number, web address, and email addresses will all remain unchanged.

We will remind you at your final appointment at Archer Street about the move, if your next appointment will be at Melbourne Street.

This map, below, is the one we will be using, to help you get your bearings, and all our SMS reminders and emails will be updated with accurate information.

If you accidentally forget and you don’t get an answer to your knock on the door you might be in the wrong place so call us and we will direct you to the new premises.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new home of Attuned very soon.

Attuned Psychology 278 Melbourne Street North Adelaide Map

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