End of year – Reflecting on your child’s school report

We’ve reached the end of the school year and everyone is ready for a break – in particular, children are looking forward to a rest from the routines and demands of school.

For students, the end of the year is marked by receiving their report cards, outlining their progress and achievements throughout the year.

Most children are pretty tired and worn out at this time of year and are sometimes eager to forget about school work in favour of holiday fun.

While it can be tempting to just get on with the holidays, it is worthwhile to use the report to help you and your child reflect on their year at school. Some ideas to do this:
Every child is different so their achievements and progress will vary. Focus on the effort your child has made in each subject area, rather than their final grade
Discuss with your child their highlights or lowlights of the year
If your child has struggled in one or more subjects, ask them what was tricky about it, and what things might have helped them do better
Talk to your child about their personal, social and emotional strengths
Be positive about the achievements that your child has made, whether big or small

If your child is falling well behind grade level expectations, the teacher has probably already discussed this with you, prior to the end of the school year. For children who have persistent difficulties, there may be a possibility of a specific learning difficulty that requires support and attention in the new year. In these cases, an educational assessment may help to clarify their needs, and identify how you and the new teacher can put strategies in place to support your child’s learning progress.

We can help you with more information or with booking in an assessment in the new year. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday break!

Rebecca Rossi

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