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Attuned Psychology Fees And Payments Explained

This page will help you understand the different aspects of fees and payments when booking sessions with Attuned Psychology.

Specific fees and rebates are listed on the profile pages for each of our practitioners. Visit the Our Team page for more information.

What follows is information about payment types and processes that apply at Attuned Psychology.

Advance Payment for Telehealth & After Hour Appointments

There may be circumstances when Administrative Staff (for after hour appointments), or you (the client) are not physically available (for Telehealth appointments) in the office to assist with payments by the end of session.

On these occasions, clients will ordinarily receive an emailed invoice requesting advance payment at least two (2) business days prior to the appointment occurring.  If a request is made by a client to change a face-to-face appointment to a Telehealth appointment, the client may be requested to settle this payment at the time of change.

This allows sufficient time for payments to clear and provides an opportunity for client’s to contact us and discuss any queries they may have.

Please note that although we may receive payments in advance we are not permitted by law to process Medicare Rebates until after the appointment has completed.


Your Practitioner’s payments are to be cleared by the conclusion of each session.

Any of the following methods can be used to effect payments at the end of each session:-

  • Tyro HealthPoint – which enables our clients to process private health insurance claims at the time of the appointment.
  • Tyro – Medicare Easyclaim- which enables our clients utilising a debit card to process and receive their rebate with on the spot claiming.
  • Card EFTPOS facility
  • Phone – via our secure online payment portal
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Invoice – secure online payment portal ( via issued requests for prepayments associated with Telehealth & After Hour appointments)


Clients who make payment via phone, bank transfer or issued invoice, will have their Rebates processed electronically at the end of each session.  Rebates are ordinarily deposited into the client’s nominated bank account, recorded with Medicare, within 2 clear business days.

Clients will need to ensure that current bank account details are recorded with Medicare.

Private Health

Client’s who make payment via phone, bank transfer or issued invoice and who are seeking to access private health entitlements, will be responsible for providing the issued statement to their private health fund for reimbursement.

If you have private cover you do not need a referral and your health fund will pay a variable gap depending on your level of cover, which is different for each health fund.

Please check with your health fund before booking an appointment to understand whether you are covered for psychology services.

Referral Information

To access our services as part of Mental Health Care Plan (allowed up to 10 visits per calendar year (initial referral for 6 sessions), please email our reception team with your valid Plan and a referral letter from your GP.

NDIS Agency Managed Referrals are not accepted at this time but for all other NDIS Referrals (self-managed and plan managed) please contact us on (08) 8361 7008 to discuss further.

Attuned Psychology Fees and Payments Explained

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