How to heal and move forward when relationships change or breakdown.

Healing and moving forward from the breakdown of any relationship that holds meaning for us or that we attach value to can be a difficult journey to navigate. It may be the breakdown of an intimate relationship, the dissolving of a friendship with an individual or group, the disbanding of a working relationship with colleagues at the end of or a change in jobs, or the loss of a loved one. Whatever the relationship you are healing from, I hope you find some solace in the following tips and strategies emphasising self-care and expression when a meaningful relationship comes to a close for you.

Consider your needs:

  • Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time and space to heal
  • Maintain regular routines where possible to encourage a sense of security and normality through structure
  • Treat or pamper yourself/do something nurturing for you: this may be going and getting your hair done, going for a surf, massage, shopping, lighting candles, taking a vacation…
  • Allow time and give yourself permission to cry if you need to. It is healthy and an important part of experiencing and sitting with our emotions.
  • Incorporate more walking into your daily life – this helps to relieve stress and provides space for thinking.

Release your emotions and reach out for support:

  • Feeling a myriad and sometimes experiencing confusion with our emotions is completely normal when a relationship comes to an end. Give these emotions an outlet and try journaling or writing about what you are feeling to allow more clarity with confusing or conflicting emotions, listen to music, draw or find some other safe way that suits you to explore and express your feelings.
  • Take some time out to reconnect with activities you have neglected recently, and take time to relax.
  • Allow yourself to reach out for support, accept help, and speak with trusted friends or family members.
  • Consider that sometimes the loss of a relationship can feel like the loss of part of our own identity – when ready, explore who you were before the relationship, how this changed during the relationship, where you feel you are at now, and what you want for yourself in the future.

If you think you, or someone you care about would benefit from further information or support, please call our administration team on 8361 7008 to find out more.

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