Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety support with Attuned Psychology Adelaide

Here in Adelaide our work in separation anxiety, also known as attachment issues, is grounded in the understanding that your children need you to be their safe base.

As parents, children rely on you to comfort, protect and welcome them in, as well as supporting their exploration of their surroundings and wider world but when these needs are not met, separation anxiety might result.

You might have noticed that you and your child have had difficulty at times with either this seeking of comfort or with separation, commonly referred to as separation anxiety.

Understanding separation anxiety

Many factors can contribute to difficulties preventing you from either not feeling as close or connected to your child as you may wish, or in your child not being able to separate from you.

These factors can include the:

  • experience of pregnancy and birth
  • baby and mother’s temperaments or personalities
  • history and experiences that each parent brings to parenthood

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How Attuned Psychology approaches separation anxiety

As relationship is central in attachment issues, our therapy process focuses on the relationship between you and your child.

It is important to first gain an understanding of the needs that are already being met, and those that are more difficult for you and your child.

Your therapist can then work with you and your child to make sense of how these patterns formed, and guide you to connecting more supportively.

This can either involve looking back at your journey together, or focusing on the present moment in everyday interactions.

You do not need any referrals for this work and we welcome you to contact us directly on 08 8361 7008 or [email protected], so we can explore the best way to tailor an approach to your specific needs.

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Separation anxiety help from Attuned Psychology Adelaide. Photo by Tamara Govedarov on Unsplash

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