Social development in children

Social development in children at Attuned Psychology

A lot happens during social development in children but sometimes issues arise. If you are in this situation with your child, enquire today about engaging a Child Psychologist in Adelaide. 

Human beings are wired to be in relationships, but we aren’t necessarily born with all the skills to successfully make these connections. Social problems are a common concern that parents have for their child as it can impact on their child’s overall functioning including emotional, behavioural and academic.

Social issues can manifest in many ways such as:

  • Children being left out
  • Children not getting along with others
  • Getting in trouble for fighting and arguing
  • Cooperation with others
  • Bullying

These situations are common and at Attuned Psychology we know how to work with children and families to improve these social skills.

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Social development in children: Learning social skills

Social issues and difficulties can arise when your child struggles to empathise and understand another person’s perspective.

Therefore, our therapeutic approach in the area of social development in children can involve helping your child to better understand others and interact more cooperatively.

We have successfully worked with numerous children and families to bring about positive change in social difficulties.

As we progress, our therapist will keep you informed of their approach tailored to suit your child’s needs.

Please feel welcome to talk to us today so we can help you connect with the psychologist best suited to your situation, and we can guide you through the process of claiming rebates through Medicare and/or private cover, where appropriate.

Enquire today about engaging a Child Psychologist in Adelaide for your child. Call us on 08 8361 7008 or email [email protected].

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Much happens during social development in children but sometimes issues arise. If you're concerned, ask about engaging a Child Psychologist in Adelaide from Attuned Psychology, North Adelaide and Glenelg South. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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