Temper Tantrums and Emotional Issues

Dealing with temper tantrums at Attuned Psychology Adelaide

Understanding temper tantrums and managing emotional issues is a mainstay of our work with families and children in Adelaide.

We can help you if you need support to help your child manage distressing feelings such as:

  • sadness
  • worry
  • anger

More often than not, these feelings lead to the dreaded temper tantrums and inability for your child to self-soothe.

Working through temper tantrums and emotional issues in children

Underneath these issues, it can be helpful to realise your child is going through a phase of learning to identify and regulate their own emotions, which is a complex skill.

In order to learn these skills, your child will first need consistent experiences of being regulated and soothed by you.

These actions will show your child that when big feelings come up, they are manageable and will pass.

You can then help your child identify and tune in to their own emotions, and gradually learn adaptive ways to manage them.

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Help is available

The good news is, you do not have to be alone during this process because our child psychologists can work with you directly to guide you and your child through this important developmental phase.

Contact Attuned Psychology, so we can explore the best way to tailor an approach to your specific needs.

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Understanding temper tantrums and managing emotional issues is what we do with families and children in Adelaide at Attuned Psychology. We can support you as you help your child. Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

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