Elevating Performance: Psychology for Artists and Professionals in Adelaide

Performance psychology in Adelaide

Unlocking the potential to excel under pressure, with confidence and focus, is a journey that our specialised performance psychologists at Attuned Psychology are passionate about guiding you through.

Whether you’re an artist, athlete, executive, academic, or student, our team in Adelaide is dedicated to enhancing your performance and helping you navigate the challenges and pressures unique to your field.

Facing Challenges with Expert Support

If anxiety, fear of failure, or distractions are hindering your performance, you’re not alone.

Our psychologists provide a non-judgemental, supportive environment to explore these challenges, offering creative and practical solutions to help you reach your full potential.

For those experiencing rapid career development, we offer strategies to manage the mental demands of success, ensuring your performance continues to flourish.

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Our Leading Performance Psychologist: Tailoring Your Path to Excellence

At the heart of Attuned Psychology’s performance psychology services is Alexandra Frost, a seasoned psychologist with a profound commitment to helping performers across various disciplines achieve their highest potential.

Alexandra’s journey in this specialised field is marked by her comprehensive research and personal dedication to understanding the unique challenges faced by those in the performance arena.

Expertise That Resonates With Performers

With a rich background in managing performance anxiety, Alexandra completed her Master’s research focused on musical performance anxiety. This academic pursuit, enriched by a professional understanding of anxiety management, has positioned her as a leading figure in providing empathetic, research-backed support for performers.

Alexandra’s approach is holistic, aiming not only for sustainable performance improvements but also for an enhanced enjoyment of your craft. Her focus areas include:

  • Mental Skill Development: Cultivating skills essential for peak performance.
  • Confidence Building: Boosting self-assurance on and off the stage or field.
  • Mindfulness in Performance: Encouraging presence and engagement during performances, including auditions.
  • Attention and Concentration: Sharpening focus to overcome distractions and barriers.
  • Work/Life Harmony: Ensuring your passion complements a fulfilling personal life.
  • Enhanced Mental Health and Relationships: Supporting the overall well-being of performers.

Diverse Experience for Diverse Talents

Alexandra’s expertise extends to a wide array of performers, including singers, musicians, dancers, actors, and beyond to professionals such as lawyers, teachers, and public speakers.

Her work is underpinned by the latest research in performance and sports psychology, incorporating mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Joining You on Your Performance Journey

Whether you’re aiming to refine your performance preparation, learn to harness your anxiety as a source of strength, or simply seeking to balance the demands of your career with personal well-being, Alexandra and our team are here to support your journey.

Drawing on a blend of evidence-based practices, we help you develop the skills to achieve an ideal state of performance and well-being.

Performance psychologists in Adelaide at Attuned Psychology. Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

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