If you are going through separation or divorce you may be feeling a whole range of unpleasant emotions all at once, grief, loneliness, emptiness, anger, remorse, confusion, anxiety, helplessness and diminished self worth. You are not alone. We are here to help you.

Our psychologists and therapists will provide you with a non-judgemental sounding board to help you understand the relationship that has ended, understand your role in it and learn from the experience. They will equip you with tools and support so that you can separate and move forward with peace, purpose and optimism.

Our psychologists and therapists have successfully helped many people experiencing separation and divorce to:

  • Understand how relationships change
  • Learn how to manage grief
  • Understand how to respond to anger constructively
  • Learn what acceptance is and what it enables us to attain
  • Discover a pathway for the separation
  • Learn to be “single”
  • Face the prospect of a new relationship
  • Learn skills to build and maintain sustaining relationships
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