Family Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy holistically explores how relationships affect patterns of:

  • Behaviour
  • Individual thoughts
  • Feelings

Family therapy will assist in the process of developing new relationship and behaviour patterns, allowing for growth and change and helping family members to find constructive ways to help each other.

How we help

Our psychologists work in ways that always acknowledge the contexts of people’s families and other relationships (e.g. work relationships, friendships), sharing and respecting individuals’ different perspectives, beliefs, views and stories, and exploring possible ways forward.

Taking an in-depth look at how we interact with the people around us is especially helpful when working through relationship problems, family issues, anxiety, depression or communication breakdown.

Family Therapy not only supports change with individuals but also in their relationships in the family and beyond, so children, young people, adults and/or those important to them are supported in ongoing development.

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