Toilet training: You don’t need to do it alone

March 10, 2015

We have all had dreaded “toilet training moments” with our children.

Most of us have left shopping trolleys to make that mad dash for the toilet only to get there and it’s too late.

Or we have lifted up our child from the floor only to find a large pool of liquid all around him/her.

Or we have sensed that faint smell of poo and joined others in trying to guess its source before realising it is coming from your child.

While these moments are often slightly embarrassing they are also considered developmentally normal when our child is in those early toilet training days.

The toilet training countdown to kindy

As parents, we all hope that those moments will diminish and our child will be completely toilet trained and ready to attend kindy around the age of 4.

However, for some, this goal doesn’t always happen.

In this situation, we can start fearing that our child will never get it because they wee or poo in their undies everyday when they should be old enough to understand using the toilet.

What’s worse, is some children hold their wees and poos in for days causing urinary tract infections or chronic constipation.

You are not alone

If you’re in either of these situations you can be forgiven for wondering why this process seems so hard.

We sometimes forget that no one has ever taught us how to toilet train our children.

And we’re certainly rarely told that it’s not always easy.

An important point to remember is that the more frustrated you become with your child, the harder it is to train them. It is critical to you and your child that you remain relaxed and not critical of your child during this process.

If you are becoming concerned about some of these issues with your child, this is an area that we can support you in.

Call us today so we can start reducing some of those dreaded toilet training moments together.

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