How to survive the X Factor audition

Are you scared to audition for the X Factor? Has watching this years series and seeing Dami win remind you of what is possible when we take a risk?

Learn to let anxiety be your friend not your enemy

Certainly, being a professional performer in any field means being willing to expose oneself to the judgement of others, and as a singer there is nothing more exposing than standing on a stage in front of an audience of 1000’s with just a microphone and a backing track, several judges, and cameras to film the entire process. As far as auditions go, you can’t get much more exposing than this and for many contestants this will be the first time they have ever auditioned in a setting that even comes close to the degree of exposure! The anxiety that we observe people going through before and during a performance is relative to the level of pressure that people are put under in this environment and the additional prospect of public humiliation or instant stardom (which can be just as confronting for some) takes performance anxiety to huge heights for some. The good news is that these feelings are very normal and with the right help from an expert in performance anxiety you can learn to manage your anxiety and perform to your potential. As a psychologist who works with professional singers, I am able to assist you with learning the tools you need to maximise audition success and perform well.

Being willing to cope with discomfort, success or failure is critical for every contestant. Every audition places demands on a performer and there are certain basic tips to follow to achieve success. Here are some of the top tips that I discuss with performers every day in my practice.

  1. Be Prepared – A performer needs to have mastered the material in order to reach optimal performance.
  2. Don’t overestimate the importance of the outcome. Each performance is not life and death and there will always be other performances and auditions.
  1. Make sure you interpret physical changes in your body such as an increase in heart rate before and during performance as a natural, helpful and necessary state for peak performance. 
  1. Be aware of what your mind tells you before, during and following a performance. Performance coaching allows you to learn how to detach from thoughts that get in the way of confidence and performance focus and get into the music.
  1. Lose yourself in the music and connect with the judges or audience.
  1. Most importantly, remember that playing music or singing should always be enjoyable. Do your best to get into the music so that you can lose yourself in the moment and enjoy what you are doing, regardless of what the outcome is. Just have fun and be in the moment. No matter what happens this is great experience.

These are just a few of the tips that are relevant to musicians. Performance coaching provides great opportunities to learn more about the psychological side of enhancing performance. This can give you an extra edge that allows you to achieve your potential and not be crushed if the audition doesn’t lead to your desired outcome. Performers need thick skins to survive, but they also need practical psychological tools as well as ability.

If you feel that you do not perform to your potential, then stop and think about the value of learning new tools to unlock that potential and let go of any barriers that are holding you back from peak performance. Don’t let the stage fright hold you back. Fear doesn’t have to be your enemy, it can be your friend. You can learn to harness this anxiety as necessary energy to perform well.

At Attuned Psychology, we are attuned to the needs of every performer, no matter what their experience and are able to help unravel what the barriers are. Whether it be managing the thoughts of self doubt and failure, what happens to your body or managing a crowd, we can help you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to register for an audition due to fear. Avoidance does nothing but make you more scared over time. Act now and take a risk, but do it knowing that you will have the support needed to take on this challenge with tools that others don’t know. Our mind is a powerful tool in helping us achieve our potential. Learn how to use it to achieve what you want in life.

To book an appointment with me, please contact us today. We have appointments available within 1-2 weeks usually. Medicare and private health rebates may be applicable.  I look forward to helping you move towards your dream one step at a time……

For more information about our performance services, have a read of the page to discover more about how we can help.

Alexandra Frost – Clinical Psychologist/Performance Psychologist/Vocalist

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