Performers can access performance psychology at Attuned Psychology, North Adelaide

Mastering the ability to perform under pressure with confidence and focused attention is something that we all aspire to whether we are performing artists, athletes, executives, academics, presenters or students.

If you feel overcome with anxiety, are frightened of failure, easily distracted, and constantly disappointed about not reaching your full potential, you are not alone. Alternatively if you are facing sudden performance success or rapid development in your career, then dealing with increasing pressure and exposure requires that extra mental edge to further enhance performance and development.

Whatever your experience or situation, we are here to help provide you with a non judgemental objective sounding board to help you find creative and practical solutions to any performance related issue and achieve your goals. With a team of Performance Psychologists experienced in working in a range of different fields we offer a tailored approach to meet your needs in the area of performance. Additionally we take pride in always supporting your overall mental health and wellbeing and relationships in order to achieve a sustainable career and more balanced lifestyle.

Our Performance Psychology Team

Alexandra Frost, as an experienced Psychologist, presenter and vocalist has helped many performers achieve sustainable performance improvement through her tailored performance enhancement process both in individual coaching, therapy and workshops.

Alexandra combined her passion for the performing arts with her professional experience in anxiety management to complete her Masters research in the management of musical performance anxiety, setting her on a dedicated path to provide professional support for performers.

Alexandra’s main areas of focus include supporting the development of mental skills to facilitate peak performance, increasing confidence and enhance enjoyment in performance, learning how to be more present in performance, improving focused attention and concentration overcoming barriers and setbacks, improving work/life balance and enhancing mental health and relationships.

Alexandra has experience in working with singers, musicians, dancers, actors, comedians, lawyers, teachers, students, executives, academics and public speakers.

Taryn Oak is passionate about the performing arts and utilising evidence-based psychological assessments and techniques to address the health and wellbeing needs of performing artists. Her main areas of focus are mental skills training for peak performance, audition preparation, e-mental health support using digital technology, self-confidence and body image issues, mindfulness skills training, dealing with setbacks/injury, slumps and disappointment, personal development, and balancing work, study and/or life commitments in the context of the ‘performing lifestyle’.

Taryn has experience working with performing artists and educators from various fields including dance, music, and theatre.

Trained and licensed in California, Dr. Alexandra Guhde arrives in Adelaide well-versed in helping clients work through issues of performance, and professional and personal well-being. Alexandra’s consulting work was recently mentioned in the New York Times book review section.

If you’re looking to build confidence, or change behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back; if you’re feeling fearful & anxious; or lost or blocked in the vastness of a creative process; if you’re an athlete looking to hone your mental game; if you need help executing your dream-plan, performing under pressure, or establishing a daily structure for your work— if you’re struggling on your way to a goal, Alexandra’s performance-focused therapy could help.

She helps clients open blocked channels to learning, creativity, or professional performance. Over the past decade, she has worked successfully with writers, artists, and top-level professional athletes, including tennis players at the Australian Open.

Drawing on the latest research in performance and sports psychology, mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and emotion focused therapies (AEDP and analytic psychology), we coach people to develop the following skills that help you achieve the ideal performance state and support aspects of health and wellbeing.

We help artists with a range of issues including:

  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of artists
  • Fine tuning performance preparation to achieve peak performance
  • Befriend anxiety and harness it as energy for a great performance
  • Manage thoughts and distractions to improve and enjoy every performance
  • Clarifying values as a performer and setting goals for improvement
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Audition preparation
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Self confidence and body image issues
  • Improving sleep
  • Mindfulness skills training to enhance the art of being present
  • Dealing with setbacks, disappointments and injuries
  • How to balance and managing demanding work commitments, travel and relationships
  • E mental health support using digital technology

 If you would like to access support to help unlock your full performance potential or improve your health and wellbeing, contact our practice on 08 83617008 to make an appointment with one of our Performance Psychology team.