Welcoming Cara Crothers, Clinical Psychologist to Attuned Psychology

Attuned Psychology has been through an exciting phase of further recruitment over the past few months as our practice and community continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate.

So we are very pleased and excited to welcome an additional two psychologists to the team,Cara Crothers who joined us in November and Catherine Cheetham who joined us in December.

As the Director, I believe that every new psychologist we welcome to Attuned Psychology brings their own interest areas and passion, skills and experience with the potential to increase diversity and the richness of what we offer within the team, including new services or strengths that ultimately benefits our community.

In this blog, we introduce Cara Crothers, Clinical Psychologist who will be working full time across all ages, providing services during business hours, evenings and Saturdays. Over the next few months Cara looks forward to building her full time private practice with a diverse client group.

I felt it was important in expanding the team to ensure we had a full time Clinical psychologist providing services at a range of times to increase accessibility to clients and reduce waiting times for appointments. Furthermore, Cara joining the team will give us the opportunity to provide further after hours services within the practice that are always in high demand (both Saturdays and evenings) and the flexibility and skills to service clients with a range of issues and ages.

Cara’s background and values

We are excited to offer a warm welcome to Cara Crothers who we are pleased to say has slotted into the team very well having started consulting on alternative Saturdays from November. Cara has already shown herself to be an enthusiastic, passionate and skilled psychologist with an engaging warm manner that shapes positive collaborative therapeutic relationships with clients and paves the way for successful outcomes. She is a joy to have in the practice and is a strong team player who shows great care and consideration to both clients and staff.

Cara completed her undergraduate and post graduate training in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Australia in Adelaide and has been working in private practice for a number of years providing her with a wealth of experience in working with children, adolescents, adults and families.

Her experience has allowed her the opportunity to collaborate with other allied health practitioners such as speech therapists and occupational therapists when this joint approach has been necessary. This has given her the ability to think broadly and to better understand how we can either work independently or with others in a client’s professional system or family to meet the goal and request of each client.

Cara, like all of our practitioners at Attuned, has a clear passion for working as a psychologist and strongly believes in identifying the outcomes the client wishes to achieve and working towards those outcomes in each session. Cara believes in ensuring the unique strengths of each client are identified and practical evidence based tools and strategies are provided within the context of a warm, compassionate, focused relationship.

Cara is flexible enough to bring humour, creativity and different modes of learning to the table always to suit the client. Cara has worked with children, adolescents and their families extensively across a range of issues and enjoys providing children with a safe, fun, creative space to help them feel comfortable to learn and change and to share aspects of their lives that are hard to talk about with others.

Cara is attracted to working in our practice full time due to Attuned Psychology’s commitment to working with a diverse range of clients across the lifespan with a very broad range of presenting issues. Cara looks forward to continuing and building on her previous extensive work with child and adolescent clients presenting with learning, developmental, behavioural and emotional issues, including autism.

She also looks forward to building further experience in working with adults with issues such as depression, anxiety, work/life balance issues, stress management, confidence and self worth. Cara draws on a range of evidence based models, including Cognitive Behavioural therapy and mindfulness based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Cara is also very clear that involving parents and family when seeing children or adolescents is often vital in ensuring that change may occur.

She is excited to join a team practice that takes pride in providing quality outcome focused therapy in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. She is also pleased to be able to work with such a diverse team of psychologists that are attuned to the client’s needs and a practice that believes in the importance of collaboration and collegial support as well as encouraging autonomy and individual professional development in areas of passion.

Cara’s availability for referrals at North Adelaide and Glenelg

Cara will be working full time from January 31st, working Tuesday -Friday and alternative Saturdays in North Adelaide and at our new shared rooms with Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy at Glenelg on alternate Mondays. She will be providing evening sessions to assist people in accessing services in addition to alternate Saturdays.

We are excited about her starting full time with us very soon. Cara is currently taking new referrals and has a lot of flexibility at this stage for new appointments so if you are interested in booking an appointment or know someone that would benefit from psychological therapy, Cara will be able to see clients within a short time frame, ensuring that those who are anxious about waiting too long will be able to be seen quickly.

To find out more about Cara, please feel free to peruse her profile page for further information about her background, therapeutic approach and areas of experience. Look out in March for my other blog introducing our additional new team member Catherine Cheetham who is a very experienced Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist who will bring some new skills and services to the team.

Alexandra Frost
Director/Clinical Psychologist

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