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  2. Why we need to be selfish to be selfless
  3. 5 positive psychology strategies that you can implement today to improve your overall wellbeing
  4. Stop and smell the roses: Discover mindful smelling
  5. Positive reminiscence: How to make the good times count

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How to understand and reduce stress in an increasingly stressful world. Photo by Kathy on Unsplash

How to understand and reduce stress in an increasingly stressful world

While it’s true we’re living in an increasingly stressful world, in this article I want to shed light on ways to understand how stress affects us and then suggest some approaches to cope with or even reduce stress. Our world is getting more stressful, with most of us having increasing responsibilities or pressures such as studying at school or university, keeping up with complex demands at work, or caring for children or ageing parents. On top of this, there are unique global events that are making daily life for many Australians much more stressful. War in Europe has led to a

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3 surprising benefits of having a therapy session using telehealth | Attuned Psychology | Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

3 surprising benefits of having a therapy session using telehealth

If you’d asked me two years ago to write about the benefits of having a therapy session using telehealth, I think I would have politely declined. However, when COVID-19 struck, our duty of care to still conduct therapy sessions with our clients gave us little choice than to get out of our comfort zones and embrace online video technology. Our team, like many of you, were somewhat concerned that the magic and sacred, private nature of the therapy space with such clear boundaries could never be simulated to give the same impact. I found it challenging for three reasons: I

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Phubbing and the Importance of Values vs Rules in our Relationships

In this article, we’ll explore what phubbing is and consider strategies when our friends or partners are spending more time on their phone than with us. “Without ​technology​ humanity has no future, but we have to be careful that we don’t become so mechanised that we lose our human feelings.” – Dalai Lama Recently, I was “phubbed” by a friend which was very upsetting. For those not in the know the definition of “phubbing” is the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention. On face value phubbing is a funny

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Attuned Psychology response to COVID-19

COVID-19: Keeping calm for the common good

[Updated, November 2, 2022] As we all do our best to stop the spread of Covid-19, our team at Attuned Psychology is not only continuing to keep measures in place to keep you safe and cared for during this time of uncertainty and increased anxiety, but we’re constantly monitoring the situation and adapting our procedures as new information comes to hand. This is especially important because there is often increased anxiety whenever new freedoms are found. We’ve crafted this page to help alleviate any extra worry you might be experiencing with all the changes going on around us. There is

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Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist or Registered Psychologist…What’s the difference?

Common Questions in a Psychology Practice, Part 1. There are a few questions that seem to pop up again and again in a psychology practice, one being “what is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a registered psychologist”? Here at Attuned Psychology we have both, so let’s have a quick look at what a “Clinical” and “Registered” Psychologist are. However before I explain that, let me very quickly, and very briefly, start with a basic explanation of what a psychologist is….. A psychologist is someone who is professionally trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and

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To Do List Anxiety Attuned Psychololgy

How to relieve To-Do List anxiety: Differentiate between Needs and Preferences

Many of us confront To Do List anxiety in this society and if you are currently, or have been a client of mine, you’ve likely heard me say this phrase; Needs vs Preferences. I’m always honest and shared that this is one of those phrases that I developed entirely for myself, as a way to try and combat my constant need to get through that never ending To Do List without completely burning myself out. And, I’ve found my clients benefit from this strategy too. So let me explain….. The days of the neverending To Do List I, like so

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