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Broken heart

Breakup, not Breakdown: 6 strategies to manage a broken heart

Let’s not beat around the bush. Breakups suck. Having a broken heart sucks. And no wonder – brain scans have shown that a breakup activates the same region of the brain that processes physical pain reactions. Breakups are painful as your brain handles them just as it would a physical injury! Scans also show that breakups light up the same brain mechanisms as when people addicted to cocaine go through withdrawal. In other words, you might feel a literal ‘craving’ for your lost love… But all is not lost! Clichés aside, there are no “quick fixes” or “hacks” to feel

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Our future together: Attuned Psychology Adelaide Psychologists

A sound investment in our future together: Attuned Psychology ready for 2020 and beyond

This is always the time of year I dread because we need to review our fees to make sure we can keep doing what we are doing for our future together. Raising fees always brings up much anxiety for me which is why, apart from the Director, no psychologist fees at Attuned Psychology have risen in the past three years. However, as of August 1, 2019, we do need to increase fees slightly to cover the inevitable increase in costs we need to bear, which has included an important investment this year; soundproofing in every room to ensure that you

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Manage Stress with Tetris? Yes, that is an option, according to Attuned Psychology clinical psychologist, Cara Crothers

Can you manage stress with Tetris? Understanding what leads to and how to recover from stressful events

Recently, I got some insights into how to manage stress when I came across a podcast of an interview with neuro-opthamologist Dr Mithu Storoni called “How Our Brains Control Our Happiness”. Now, Dr Storoni, who describes herself as a physician, researcher, author and speaker, is interested in chronic stress and its implications on mental well-being, decision-making, performance, and brain health….and within about 5 minutes of hearing her speak, I was fascinated. Before I share with you why this was so, as well as some ‘key points’ I think really relate to my work as a Clinical Psychologist, I should point

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Self compassion

Letting kindness in: The benefits of self compassion over self esteem

A few weeks ago I was walking my dog on the beach and I caught myself thinking about a previous situation. I started thinking about how poorly I was treated and how angry I still felt. I was also angry at myself for letting it get to the point it did. Instead of immediately berating myself for thinking about something that was more than a year ago, questioning why I was even thinking about this on such a nice day and telling myself to just stop it and get over it, in fact “Tracy, get over yourself”, I gently noted

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Life Satisfaction - Positive psychology and leading a satisfying life

Life satisfaction: How can we achieve and measure a satisfying life?

The quest for life satisfaction commonly prompts the question, am I living a fulfilling life? Am I satisfied with my life or does something need to change in my life? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves at different times in our lives, or every-day in one way or another. It seems our answers to the question are crucial to determining our general wellbeing and a sense of satisfaction with the conditions of our family, work, housing and/or relationships. What I might think is a satisfactory level of fulfillment in my life, may not be what you

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Dementia Testing with a clinical neuropsychologist at Attuned Psychology North Adelaide.

What do you do if you suspect you or someone you love might have dementia?

From popular media right through to conversations with friends and relatives there is a lot of discussion about dementia and whether or not to get a dementia assessment in Adelaide. What is dementia? Roughly speaking, dementia means an abnormal decline in how well your brain works. We don’t yet know what causes it. It gets slowly worse over time and does change the actual structure of the brain. However, a dementia assessment conducted by a neuropsychologist familiar with dementia can lead to tailored strategies that can help work around lost thinking skills. With that in mind, appointments with our Clinical

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