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  2. Why we need to be selfish to be selfless
  3. 5 positive psychology strategies that you can implement today to improve your overall wellbeing
  4. Stop and smell the roses: Discover mindful smelling
  5. Positive reminiscence: How to make the good times count

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Driving your busyness

What’s driving your busyness? Life as a “busy bee”

Today’s society is fast-paced and often full of expectations and pressures whether it be work, home or social pressures, and riddled with people telling each other how busy they are! So, what is driving your busyness? It has become commonplace for us to wear our busyness like a badge of honour. We have been taught that being busy = efficient and hardworking, right? If we’re super busy and always doing things, we must care more about our job, the presentation of our home, we must care more about our kids, our partner, our friends, that random neighbour you said yes

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Stop and Smell the Roses; discover mindful smelling

Our senses are always on the job! Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell are our most important tools for learning about the world around us. Our senses are often collecting information that we don’t even think about, unless we focus our attention on any one of them specifically. Also, if we experience the loss of one or more of them (e.g. after a brain injury) we might notice the impact of not having it (ever lost your sense of smell or taste with a head cold?) Our sense of smell Smell is an important sense and can remind us of

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Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide

Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide

With Attuned Psychology moving to Melbourne Street North Adelaide on February 25, 2019, (yes, that’s soon), I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the reasons for moving and the thought process and great care that has gone into selecting our new home. Many of you reading this will have rich memories of significant conversations and experiences amid the cobblestones and the safe, solid rooms of the historic police station we have occupied for almost 10 years. I will hold on to some amazing memories in that space including many privileged conversations in therapy, some great laughter and collaborations

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Tips for embracing change: My journy to Attuned Psychology. Image: Photo by Nick Jackson on Reshot

Tips for embracing change: My journey to Attuned Psychology

I am sharing these tips for embracing change because although change is an inevitable part of life it can feel anything but easy at times. Over the last few years I started realising that I needed to change how or why I practised psychology. I still loved helping people in therapy but I was spending less time in therapy and more time doing paperwork. I realised I had lost touch with what it was about psychology that had motivated me through years of tough study and many tough cases as I worked in busy public hospitals. I was tired at

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MIndfulness for Sceptics from Attuned Psychology. Image: Photo by on Reshot

Mindfulness for Sceptics: An Introduction from a Former Sceptic

I’m writing this article on Mindfulness for Sceptics because it’s finally time for me to admit the truth … I had previously been very sceptical of mindfulness. I would hear people speaking about the ‘life-changing’ impacts of mindfulness practice, and internally roll my eyes. In my head, I would see a mixture of 1960’s hippies, Kombi vans and love beads, and modern day ‘hippies’ shopping organic, drinking kombucha and trying the hot new styles of yoga (ironically, things I do actually enjoy!). Mindfulness seemed like a lot of work, time-consuming, and a bit… fluffy. A short history of Mindfulness Mindfulness has been practiced for

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Holiday Traditions

Creating and embracing holiday traditions: see how good it can feel!

So, it’s that time of year again…the one that seems so far and away and then *blink* here we are. It’s Christmas! And boy are there some mixed reactions! Everything from the unashamed Grinch who can’t wait until it’s over, those that are just looking forward to the holiday, to what I will call the Christmas elf, the one who bounces around, counting down and loving every minute of it! Right, so this isn’t going to be a “how to survive Christmas” blog…it’s a “I want to share this with you” blog. And by “it”, I mean my excitement around

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