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Family Values

Talking Family Values with our Children

In her last blog in September, Tracy Quinney explored the work of Dr Brene Brown and Imperfect Parenting. In this latest blog she explores family values and how we can open up the lines of communication with our children especially when moving through to adolescence. Being the imperfect parent of an imperfect child Hello again Imperfect Parents. How did you go with your homework from my last blog in September? You remember…..what values do you practice in your family that support your imperfect parenting of your imperfect child? It’s not easy is it? We are familiar with vision statements and a core value system for the

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The Parent-Stress Cycle

It’s no secret, we all know parents who are stressed out! Stressed out parents often say they have a harder time managing their parenting role, and question whether they are doing a good enough job of raising their children. Parent-stress can be experienced in four ways: Personal stress – feeling overwhelmed by everyday life Marital/relationship stress – too much conflict or disconnection from each other Parenting stress – the numerous day-to-day challenges of raising children are getting to you Little or no social support – you feel alone and/or get little help with parenting. The Parent-Stress Cycle So, of course

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Getting on better terms with your inner voice

We’ve all got that inner voice that like it or not, gives us feedback on much of what we do or say. It is just like having a personal coach or mentor. It can be an encouraging voice “good work”, “nice shot” these are the comments that build us up from the inside. Sometimes its a voice that shares the fun with us about the outside world. “I can’t believe what just happened, how lucky was that! I got away with that, no one will know!’’ What is not so funny is when the inner voice turns bad. “What an

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Selfish to be selfless

Why we need to be selfish to be selfless

Being selfish gets a bad rap when contrasted with being selfless. So why do we need to be selfish to be selfless? I’d like to suggest, that selfishness and selflessness are ends of a sliding scale that we move up and down all the time. Very few people fall into the category of truly selfish or selfless. Most of us have had times when we are both. Hands up if you have secretly enjoyed taking time out to do what you want- when there are jobs to be done or people waiting for help! Or what about feeling smugly pleased

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Fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking; a personal experience

Public speaking, hated by many…around 25% of us in fact, definitely detested by me…and I had to do it. A fear of public speaking, or Glossophobia (it’s cool, geeky name that no-one actually seems to use) is incredibly common. It almost always comes up if someone already struggles with anxiety, and pops up even when people don’t. The good news is that for most of us it’s not something we generally do all that often. It might be the odd school presentation, speaking in front of colleagues at work, or when you’re asked to give a speech at an important

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Driving your busyness

What’s driving your busyness? Life as a “busy bee”

Today’s society is fast-paced and often full of expectations and pressures whether it be work, home or social pressures, and riddled with people telling each other how busy they are! So, what is driving your busyness? It has become commonplace for us to wear our busyness like a badge of honour. We have been taught that being busy = efficient and hardworking, right? If we’re super busy and always doing things, we must care more about our job, the presentation of our home, we must care more about our kids, our partner, our friends, that random neighbour you said yes

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