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Self compassion

Letting kindness in: The benefits of self compassion over self esteem

A few weeks ago I was walking my dog on the beach and I caught myself thinking about a previous situation. I started thinking about how poorly I was treated and how angry I still felt. I was also angry at myself for letting it get to the point it did. Instead of immediately berating myself for thinking about something that was more than a year ago, questioning why I was even thinking about this on such a nice day and telling myself to just stop it and get over it, in fact “Tracy, get over yourself”, I gently noted

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Life Satisfaction - Positive psychology and leading a satisfying life

Life satisfaction: How can we achieve and measure a satisfying life?

The quest for life satisfaction commonly prompts the question, am I living a fulfilling life? Am I satisfied with my life or does something need to change in my life? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves at different times in our lives, or every-day in one way or another. It seems our answers to the question are crucial to determining our general wellbeing and a sense of satisfaction with the conditions of our family, work, housing and/or relationships. What I might think is a satisfactory level of fulfillment in my life, may not be what you

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Bright Light Therapy

Light It Up: The Benefits of Bright Light Therapy

Do you… Have issues waking up too early? Have difficulty falling asleep? Feel down and depressed in winter? Struggle with shift work? Suffer from jet lag? Bright light therapy is a treatment for people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or circadian rhythm disorders (disorders which impact the timing of sleep). How does my sleep work? How long is a piece of string? Lets try to “cheat sheet” this a bit. Our circadian rhythm is a 24-hour process that is self-regulated, but also adjusts to the environment and setting by external stimuli exposure. The light-dark cycle of day and night

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Winter Blues

Winter is Coming: 4 tips to beating the “Winter Blues”

Winter is Coming… Scratch that, it’s already here…. (without Jon Snow, The Dragon Queen or any White Walkers, for those of you that caught my Game of Thrones nod). I feel like over the last week it’s almost constantly rained (good for the farmers and the environment, I know), the temperature has dropped more degrees than I care for, and the sun seems to pop out only sporadically. With this shift in our day to day experience and the shorter, darker days of winter, many of us experience a negative impact on our mood. Research and personal experience has shown

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Decoding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

As the rollout of the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is approaching completion in South Australia, it’s timely to look at some of the core ideas of the Scheme. Our clients at Attuned Psychology include participants or have family or friends who are receiving funding to support their disability through the NDIS. I wonder though, how many know of the history of the Scheme and why expectations have been high for better outcomes for the almost one in five Australians who report living with disability. Why is the NDIS a good thing for people with disability? There have been many who

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long distance relationships

Loving from afar: 5 Tips for coping with long distance relationships

Times have changed for me. Gone are the days of driving an hour to see my parents, living with my closest friends and having the people I have always known and loved only a short drive away. Living away from those I love has probably been one of the greatest challenges I have had to face. I keep telling myself that as each year passes it will get easier, I will get stronger and I won’t feel home sick anymore. But deep down I know I’m kidding myself. No matter how old we get or how old our children get,

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