Insights from the 2019 International Symposium on Performance Science

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Attuned Psychology Welcomes a new Practitioner from the States

Attuned Psychology is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Alexandra Guhde, our newest team member. Trained and licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in California, Alexandra arrives in North Adelaide well-versed in helping clients work through experiences of trauma, anxiety, and…

Is your psychologist a good fit for you?: 10 questions to ask yourself.

  In my last blog: “Does your psychologist truly get you? – What really makes therapy work – A psychologist’s reflection” I explored the power of the therapeutic relationship and what I have learned over the years as to what makes…

Does your psychologist truly “get” you? What really makes therapy work – A psychologist’s reflection

In this complex demanding world, we are all searching for the best ways of achieving our goals as quickly as possible. As discussed in the previous blogs in this series on therapy, if you have come to the conclusion that…

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